A new, lavishly-produced Masonic journal devoted to art, philosophy, esoterica and literature. [ more… ]

Paperback, 148 pages, full color
$37.97 US
£19.97 UK
ISBN 978-1-60302-36-58

One of the Craft‘s most treasured classics in a vibrant new edition, with notes for American readers.

Paperback, 192 pages
$19.97 US
£10.97 UK
ISBN 978-1-60302-000-8

Wilmshurst’s sequel to The Meaning of Masonry, featuring his richest insights into the Craft.

Paperback, 208 pages
$19.97 US
£10.97 UK
ISBN 978-1-60302-002-2

“I do not say it lightly, but…Ahiman may be the most balanced and philosophically engaging Masonic journal ever published. And it is probably the most handsomely designed as well. I strongly recommend that any Mason, who seeks a deeper understanding of Freemasonry, check out Ahiman immediately.”—Jay Kinney, 33°, author of The Masonic Myth

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Plumbstone books provide valuable Masonic education materials for the students of today.

“Freemasonry is a study. No man can fully appreciate it, or understand exactly what its proper place is until he commences to read up its history and know something of its philosophy. The well-versed Mason is always an enthusiast, because he has arrived at an estimate of the value of the Fraternity, which very seldom comes to the unthinking man.”

Henry F. Evans

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